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Surveillance video has shown a moment when a teen mother, Alexis Avila, tossed a black bag containing her new born baby into a dustbin in Hobbs, New Mexico in United States of America.


This incident shocked the world when it happened at 2 pm on January 7. The good news is that the baby was found alive crying from the dustbin some 6 hours later. Some good Samaritans rescued the baby.


The baby was rushed to hospital and now is in stable condition.


Alexis Avila has been charged with felony, attempted murder, abandonment, and child abuse.


Police officers have confirmed that Alexis has confessed to the crime.


The video footage from CCTV cameras shows a white sedan driving into a parking lot and a woman alights from it and throws a black garbage bag containing her baby into the dustbin. After abandoning the baby she drove off.


A separate video shows the moment when the child was rescued after people heard the cries of the new-born.


Watch the video below:  


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Sharing is Caring:

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