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The United States of America is said to have issued a total of 33 permits to Americans to import at least 38 lion trophies between the year 2016 to 2018.


The practice of trophy hunting has grown under the watch of Trump’s administration. This government is reported to be rolling back trophy hunting importation of elephants and lions from numerous African nations.


Former President Barrack Obama during his term had banned trophy hunting.


“If African wildlife is to survive the next few decades in their homelands, these elephants, lions and other animals ― coveted by hunters for their strength and beauty ― must be worth more alive than dead,’’ The President of Friends of Animals, Priscilla Feral.


There is need for people from all over the world to work towards wildlife conservation. This is important especially when we allow endangered species we will be doomed.


“That means safeguarding habitat along with photographic safaris and ecotourism must outpace blood-drenched trophy hunting expeditions. Trophy hunting must expire and collapse from its own dead weight.”


It so disheartening when we learn that some Americans are allowed to kill  wild animals in the name of trophy hunting. Steven Chancellor is one such bad man who by 2015 had killed a took of 500 wild animals according to Safari Club members records. Out of the 500 dead animals, he had killed 18 lions, 2 rhinos and half a dozen elephants.


The big trophy hunters have lately been contributing lots of money to the Republicans. For instance, in 2016 Steven Chancellor killed a lion and through that event raised $1 million for Republican politicians at an event where the then presidential candidate Donald Trump was featured.


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