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Ahmed Hussein-Suale, Ghanaian investigative journalist, shot dead

Gunmen on a motorbike have shot dead Ahmed Hussein-Suale- an investigative journalist in Ghana. The late journalist is credited for having exposed corruption in African football. His expose led to down fall of a member of the FIFA Council.

Reports revealed that he was shot once on the neck and twice of the chest as he drove in one of the estates in Accra Ghana.

The slain journalist was part of a team lead by Anas Aremeyaw also an investigative journalist who has help expose many corruption scandals.

“Sad news, but we shall not be silenced. Rest in peace,” Anas confirming Hussein’s death on Facebook.

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Anas produced a documentary in 2015 titled “Ghana in the Eyes of Gold” which allegedly showed how willing judges took bribes to influence court judgements.  Many of the judges who were exposed were removed from office.

The late Hussein-Suale was a key member of Anas’s team. He was mostly investigating corruption cases in the soccer world. He also worked with the rest of the team on investigating the business of selling human body parts which were at the time used for ritual magic in Malawi.

Critics have always questioned some of the methods used by Anas in his investigative journalism work most specifically the use of disguises and posing as other people in order to expose corrupt figures in Ghana and abroad.

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