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Most Educated People in the World

The following are highlights of most educated people who are lifelong students. In the process they have amassed numerous certificates, diplomas, degrees, Masters and doctorates.

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  1. Zhou Baokuan: Spent 35 years in various institutions of higher learning and in the process earned 9 degrees in total out of which 3 are doctorates, 2 Masters, 4 Bachelors and technical certification diplomas. He holds the most number of degrees in China. 
  1. Benjamin Bolger: Has 11 academic degrees under his belt with a Doctorate degree from Harvard University and other degrees from Columbia, Oxford, Stanford, Cambridge and Dartmouth. 
  • 3) Dr. Hardial Singh Sainbhy


Photo: Dr. Hardial Singh Sainbhy
  • Earned a total of 35 degrees under his belt. He is an Indian super-student. He is said to have rose from rags to riches through attaining degrees, ranks and status.
    • 15 Masters degrees; 5 post-graduate diplomas; Bachelors of Law; AMIE and AMSIE qualifications;
    • Numerous bachelor’s degree qualifications;

4) Ashoka J. Prasad Jr.

  • Leader in the medical field;
  • He has degrees in wide range of fields such as anthropology, psychiatry, geography, mathematics, history, aviation and medicine.

5) Dr. Shirkant Jichkar  Sir, 49, 

Shirkant Jichkar, 49, is a highly educated Indian with 20 post graduate University degrees.

  • Medical Doctor (MBBS)
  • Doctorate in medicine (MD)
  • Bachelors of Law (LL.B.)
  • Masters in Law (LLM)
  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA)
  • Bachelor in Journalism 
  • MA Public Administration 
  • M.A. Sociology 
  • M.A. Economics
  •  M.A. (Sanskrit);
  • M.A. (History);
  • M.A.(English Literature);
  • M.A. (Philosophy);
  • M.A. (Political Science)
  • M.A. (Ancient Indian History,
    Culture and Archaeology);
  • M.A (Psychology).
  • D. Litt (Doctor of Letters) in
    Sanskrit ,
  • It is reported that between 1972 and
    1990 he wrote 42 University Examinations;

5) R.K. Rai

– Rai has earned 30 degrees in his lifetime;

– 22 Masters,

– 5 doctorates,

– 3 Doctorate of letters;

– Retired from his work as a professor;

6) Robert Raffar

  • Professor and chair of pharmaceutical studies at Temple University;
  • Five different degrees; (2 Bachelors, 2 Masters; 1 PhD);
  • Raffar uses all his academic qualifications in research, writing books and teaching;

7) Satch Ejike

  • Nigerian social scientist
  • Holds 5 degrees; -(Law, Political science, humanities, LLM in business and taxation, PhD in Business History and Public Policy);
  • He currently works as a lawyer;

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