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Nyeri Residents Opposed to 6-Piece Vote System

The President and Jubilee Party presidential candidate, Uhuru Kenya and NASA’s Raila Odinga have been proposing for a 6-piece Voting System.

This means you vote the president, Senator, Governor, Member of Parliament, Women Representative and Member of County Assembly from the same party.

Both presidential contenders are saying that it will be easier to rule or govern the county under that kind of voting system.

The Deputy President, William Ruto is also of the same idea. He has been rooting for 6-pieace in rallies around the country.

Maina Kiai penned a great article opposing the 6-piece voting system. In that article he said that leaders who want to rule as masters and not servants are the ones calling for 6-piece system. The voters should be allowed to make their own decisions because the party wave may lead to election of unfit candidates as leaders.

In Nyeri, residents were bold enough to tell the President No. No. In this county the voters have been voting for individuals their party affiliations notwithstanding.

When leaders are asking voters to go the 6-piece way means they expect whoever is elected will vote in parliament as directed by their party or coalition leader. Once elected, they will feel that they owe the party leader. Individuals who are elected outside the confines of the party will have freedom to vote in the assembly in ways they feel fit.

This is why I pray that we elected more and more independent candidates come August 8. Just wishful thinking. It’s is the only way of safeguarding democracy.

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