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Lesson learned for men dating ladies on social media

A man landed himself in an experience he will never forget when he tried dating a lady he met on twitter.

The young man, with the user name as @bydhai on Twitter handle, narrated his story which has captured a lot of attention by the users on Twitter.

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According to his narration, he started by chatting with a girl named Aponte Natasha. After knowing each other online, Natasha did the arrangement for them to meet at the show.

The young man was the first to arrive at the venue. He waited eagerly to see his guest. Surprisingly the lady arrived with two bodyguards. She went direct to the stage to make  an announcement.

Natasha invited all men who were at the show (over 100 men) to come and fight. She declared, whoever wins, will win a date with her.

Many social media users have given different comments about the action. They criticized Aponte Natasha, questioning if she was the only lady in the world, but others saw it as fun.

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