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Italy has a new Prime Minister in the name of Giuseppe Conte. He is a law professor who has never held any political position before now. Italy now has a populist new government whose members are anti-immigrant.


The appointment of Conte ends the political turmoil in Italy. His swearing in gets him the most powerful office in Italy.


His administration will be driven by the two political parties which received the most votes in an election which was held in March. These are: Five Star Movement and the right-wing League party.


On Friday, Conte and his cabinet were sworn in. Next week the new government officials will face a confidence vote.


Conte has promised that he will work towards improving the lives of all Italians. In the past, the League leader named Matteo Salvin expressed his desire to expel over 500,000 illegal immigrants in Italy. He is now the new Interior minister.


On the other hand, Luigi Di Maio, the Five Star leader is the new minister for labor and economic development. It’s hoped that he will use this key position to implement his promise for universal basic income.


After a long time that Italy spent without a Prime Minister, the populists abandoned some of their plans to call for a referendum on whether Italy should leave the European Union.


Conte was born in Puglia (southern part of Italy) but he lives in Florence where he was a professor of civil law at the University of Florence.


He is a member of the Five Star Movement which he joined during the most recent election. He is a great supporter of center-left political ideals.


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