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We know that education is expensive considering that governments all over the world spend a lot of money on remuneration of teachers. In this article we will highlight the amount of money that Kenya’s national government spends on teachers at the primary and secondary levels of education.

The table below is a summary of that:

No. Financial Year Budget Actual Expenditure Deviation
1 2013/2014 165.7 billion 165.6 Billion 100 Million
2 2014/2015 170.4 Billion 170.0 Billion 400 Million
3 2015/2016 186.5 Billion 184.9 Billion 1.6 Billion
4 2016/2017 194.`1 Billion
5 2017/2018 201.9 Billion
Grand Total 918.6 Billion 520.5 Billion 2.1 Billion 

Table 1: Teachers Service Commission (TSC) budget and expenditure between 2013/2014 to FY 2017/2018.

It is clear that TSC has budgeted to spend Ksh. 918.6 Billion on remuneration of teachers since devolution began in 2013. The actual amount spent is lower as shown by the years in which we have data.

The trend is clear. The spending on teachers’ salaries and allowances has been increasing over the years. As the population of students rise, Kenya will always need more teachers out there so we expect this figure to continue growing as long as Kenya’s population is growing.

We all know that teachers provide essential services that we cannot do without. Almost all Kenyans are beneficiaries of this noble profession (even those who drop out of ECDE). This figures illustrated above does not include salaries for University lecturers who are paid separately by their universities.

We are conducting research on the economic impact of government spending and tax reforms as part of our fiscal policy research. We’ll keep you updated.

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