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A survivor of mass shooting at Highland Park mass has shared bloody photos of her injuries.


She captioned the photographs explaining how the shooter was “rifle spraying bullets” in her direction.


“I can’t f**king believe I was in the middle of a mass shooting,” the woman’s tweet read. 


“I saw a man and two women get murdered as I tried to run for my life away from the rifle spraying bullets in my direction. 


“Wondering if my 5-year-old cousin and grandmother along with the rest of my family were going to be able to get out alive.”


The woman also shared on social media a close-up photo of her dressed wound.


“I’m still in shock. I am so sorry for everyone who lost loved ones today,” she wrote in another tweet. 


“I’ve felt safe at this parade for 18 years and today I got hit with a bullet and nothing will change in America this is ridiculous,” said the Highland Park resident. 



“My boyfriend tried to get to the hospital but it was already on lockdown by the time he was there.


“He brought me flowers and stuffed animals and his comfort blanket and let me cry to him and made me feel so safe. I love him so much,” she added.


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Sharing is Caring:

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