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Huang Wei, 36, is reported to be the queen of live-streaming in China and she has a net worth of USD$1.25 billion. She is also the owner of numerous garment shops in China.


Huang Wei is famous for her ‘e-commerce live-streaming’. She earns sales commissions from her internet marketing gigs. She has the ability to sale nearly anything to the world. 


At one point, Huang Wei made nearly $2 billion in sale during a 12 hour live-stream marathon. This was record breaking.


In 2020, Viya generated $31 billion in sales. This was more than what was sold by the largest mall in China made in annual sales. She even sold a rocket-launch service. 


“The rise of Viya signals China’s heavy push toward rural ecommerce through livestreaming,” Xiaofei Han


The job of e-commerce streamer is to hawk good worth millions of dollars every night. She engages in a regular live stream.


Every night she hosts a live stream where she encourages her followers to purchase goods worth millions of dollars. She mostly sells appliances, cars, houses, cosmetics, clothing and prepared food. 


Proctor & Gamble as well as Tesla approached Viya to help introduce them to Chinese market. 


“Specifically, my ambition is to offer everything my fans might need,” she said. “Doorbells, carpets, toothbrushes, furniture, mattresses, everything.”


Companies line up to be featured on her show. Some have reported that they wait for months and pay over $28,000 to get a slot on the show. 


The internet billionaire was fined $210 million for tax evasion. This was announced by the State Tax Administration (STA). She is alleged to have misreported her income in 2019. 





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