Sharing is Caring

I am working on developing several streams of income for my self and my family. I will majorly focus on using modern technologies to generate extra income. My aim is to assist my readers and viewers to lead a higher standard of living.

This is not completely a new venture for me. I started working online as a Freelance writer and internet researcher on 2012. At the time I was a student at the School of Economics, Kenyatta University. I earned over USD $6,000 working part time from my hostel room. I used most of the money to pay my college tuition and the rest of the earnings were spent on basic needs (rent and food etc). This inspired me to start helping others make money online on a part-time or full time basis.

For transparency, I want to state here that this will be a part-time venture. Let’s us walk together and see how much we can generate in a year and above all how much work we will have completed by the end of the year (365 days minus weekends). I will spend weekends editing my YouTube videos. 

In the past, I was able to train three freelancers who are earning thousands of dollars online every month. I will share the journey with you on my blog and on my YouTube  Channel: Kerosi Dotcom. Kindly, follows us on Twitter: @kerosiblog and subscribe to our YouTube Channel: Kerosi Dotcom.

Your comments on how we can make it a better experience are most welcome. I will address all questions, comments and concerns at the end of the next video or blog post under Q&A or Questions and Answers. This will address questions or comments on social media, email or telephone conversations. 

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