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The following is a list of the best podcasts ever:

  1. Radiolab – Finding Emilie
  2. The Adam Buxton Podcast – interviews
  3. Friedman Adventures – US Fishing podcast
  4. Drifting Off with Joe Pera – Comedian Joe Pera releases podcast episodes with one episode every month
  5. Bitch Sesh –
  6. Off Menu –
  7. True Crime Obsessed- Hosted by Patrick Hinds and Gillian Pensavalle;
  8. Song Exploder – Musicians dissect one of their tunes and explain how it was made;
  9. Sick of Being Sick – Weekly episodes of a cancer patient she had a brain tumour
  10. Love + Radio: Radio critic, the Observer, by Miranda Sawyer. This podcast has won several awards. The podcast is hosted by Van der Kolk who has always has interest in audio.


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