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We had a successful twitter chat this afternoon courtesy of the Public Participation Disability Inclusion Project(ADDA).  

  1. How do existing laws and government programs affect public participation, either in a positive or negative way?

Positive way

Participation of PlWD is enshrined in the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and various legislations; e.g. Public Finance Management Act provides for a position for PlWD in County Budget and Economic Forum (CBEF) but do they actively and effectively participate;  

Public participation, inclusiveness, non-discrimination and protection of the marginalized is one of the national values enshrined in Article 10 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 ranked alongside rule of law, democracy, sharing and devolution of power;


– There is laxity on the implementation of laws in Kenya. It’s true that we have progressive laws but the problem is their implementation;

– Information is provided on website and newspapers and radio;

2. What existing channels can be used to promote public participation and informed dialogue between PlWD and decision makers at National and County levels?

– People Living with Disabilities (PlWD) should take up their positions within the already existing channels for example Nairobi County CBEF does not have a representative for PlWD; Under Kidero regime the representative attended CBEF meeting only once and currently there is no representative at all;

3) What can policy makers and PlWDs can do to enhance public participation?

  • People living with Disability (PlWD) should take up available spaces to influence policy and demand for reforms in the public sector;
  • Changing the way of appointment of representatives to allow the affected People Living with Disability (PlWD) to elected their own people;
  • Policy makers should make amendments of laws and regulations which govern nominations to allow constituents to have a say on who represents them;
  • PlWD should purpose to participate in decision-making to influence what affects them directly;

  • Sensitization from policy makers on importance of public participation;
  • Architecture of the venues where public participation happens to allow PlWD to attend the meetings; e.g. Staircases and no ramp for instance Charter Hall where there are just stairs and no ramp;

  • Distance from majority of people who would participate Westlands, PP forums happen in Parklands area instead of Kangemi where most of the people stay.
  • Provide opportunities for strengthening the capacity of people who represent their constituents on various issues and representative of PlWD should embrace those opportunities when they arise;


Image: Can Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) create something like a one-stop-shop in order to help People Living with Disability (PlWD) because it is difficult to attain all the 9 requirements highlighted above. Just my thoughts. 

What do you think should be done to promote public participation of People Living with Disability (PlWD) in Kenya? 

Let’s know your thoughts in the comments section below. We will share these during a forum taking place at Strathmore University tomorrow (3-9-2019). 


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