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Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday announced mobilization of 300,000 reservists to help him in the ongoing war in Ukraine. But will this favor him in the war.


Russia has already lost control of some regions in Ukraine including Kharkhiv after a counter offensive from Ukrainian forces.


Ukrainian analysts found out that Russia has already lost over 50% of its power after the attack.

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Ukraine forces lauching missiles
Ukraine forces lauching missiles
Missile launch in Ukraine
Missile launch in Ukraine

This was the major reason why Putin had to come up with the mobilization plan to increase power in his war engine. But will this be a plus?


According to Putin, the 300,000 reservists represent only 1% of the total. The targeted includes only those with military experience. This means that Russia has millions of people with similar requirement.


Meanwhile, Alex Lord, Europe and Europe strategic analyst claimed that Russian military lack the capacity to provide for this large number of soldiers.


He said: “The Russian military is not currently equipped to rapidly and effectively deploy 300,000 reservists,”


“Russia is already struggling to effectively equip its professional forces in Ukraine, following significant equipment losses during the war,”


Despite the inability of Russia to provide for its force, it has also lost huge amount of armor in the process.

Ukraine attack on Russia
Ukraine attack on Russia

Photographic and video evidence collected by Oryx, an intelligence, show that Russia lost over 6,300 military vehicles. This includes 1,168 tanks.


Therefore, Russia suffers from ammunition shortages. Putin is looking for a war he can repair or purchase new arm


On the other hand, Russian forces don’t know what they are doing in Ukraine compared their opponents who know they are fighting for their country.


Before Russia invaded Ukraine on February, Putin claimed that this was a special operation and not war.

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