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NASA planned to launch its most powerful spacecraft to moon today, Tuesday 27th of September but due to tropical storms that threaten of a possible major hurricane, the launch was compromised. NASA’s rocket will be the second after Apollo landed on the Moon.


However, this time the rocket will be operated by mannequins (Artificial Intelligence) compared to Apollo which was operated by humans. NASA did not want to risk human life in their first trial but if the trial becomes successful, future rockets will have humans on board.

Artemis I
Artemis I, NASA’s moon rocket on launch pad

Today’s postponement becomes the third after series of technical problems and hydrogen leaks. The storms are expected to last until Thursday.


Meanwhile, NASA managers will decide on Sunday on whether to remove the rocket from the launch pad or just wait until time. If it remains at the pad, there is possibility of it being launched on October 2. However, if it is removed, it has to wait until November.

crawler-Transporter used to take Artemis to the launch pad
crawler-Transporter used to take Artemis to the launch pad

If this one becomes successful, NASA will launch another human boarded rocket in 2024. The moon will be the stopping point NASA’s mission to explore Mars. Future astronauts will lay foundation and necessary resources on the moon that will be later utilized in making way to Mars.

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