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Many people have declared their interest to become Governor for Nakuru in 2022. 


The incumbent, Lee Kinyanjui, is seeking to be re-elected for Governor in Nakuru County. Lee won the governor’s seat on a Jubilee Party. He is the second Governor of Nakuru on his first term. He was previously a member of Parliament for Nakuru Constituency. 


The closest candidate for the seat is the current Senator Susan Kihika. She is a close ally of Deputy President William Ruto. 


Susan Kihika is a daughter of a moi-era politician, Kihika Kimani, she is the 6th child of the 41 children sired by the late politician. 


Susan Kihika has been a vocal voice in the UDA Party and an adherent support of the hustler nation. 

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Sharing is Caring:

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