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This article is for those of you who have never been to Gusii region.


In terms of climate, Gusii region does not have any extreme weather or climatic conditions. Every element is moderate. The area experiences heavy rainfall from time to time.



In terms of terrain, Gusii is made up of thousands of hills. Most villages are set up on their own hills. For instance, Manga hills, Gesima, Nyaronge, Kebirigo and Keroka among others. 


There is a good telecommunication network coverage in Gusii region. You can access the major telecommunication networks such as Airtel and Safaricom from most villages.


Education is a key socio-economic activity in Gusii region. The region is home to numerous primary, secondary and tertiary institutions such as Kisii University Main Campus and Kisii National Polytechnic both located in Kisii town. There are several others which we will discuss in another article.


The Kisii people have a common ancestor who lived during the 16th Century, historians say that his name was Mogusii. His brothers were Mogikoyo and Luyhia. He came to Kenya through Uganda. First,  they settled at Mt. Elgon, then moved to Kisumu’s Kano plains and Kabianga before they settled at their present present locations in Kisii and Nyamira counties.


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