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Wendy Williams’ son, Kevin Hunter Jr., was evicted from his $2 million apartment in Miami after he failed to pay rent to a tune of $70,000.


Kevin was hit with an eviction court case in August for failing to pay monthly rent since February. According to the papers including a lease document, Wendy Williams paid an upfront fee of $100,000 during the first year of staying at the apartment.


Two weeks later, a response was filed and Kevin accepted that he was not able to pay rent and because his mother was undergoing “some health issues” that lead to her finances being placed under the control of the court.


“All of this happened suddenly and all of the financial support that she always gave me stopped, including my housing,” Kevin Hunter wrote.


“Even though my name is on the lease, my mom was paying, and for medical and legal reasons, she has not been able to pay the rent for the months since the 1 year lease ended and the court has controlled her finances.”


According to Hunter, his mother’s health issues took place “very quickly and unexpectedly” and noted that he had to call off school during the Covid-19 pandemic to take care of his mother.


He revealed that he has got some temporary housing and had made arrangements to move out of the apartment that was making an effort to evict him.


On September 14, the court ruled that Hunter should be evicted. On 31 August, 2021 Kevin Hunter was faced by another eviction court case in Miami. He was a tenant of another apartment building in Miami where he had failed to move out after his lease ended on 10th August.


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