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Wayne Rooney, Manchester United legend and currently coach at DC United openly spoke about his small p*nis when giving a team talk to his players.


The DC coach, 37, surprised many of his players when he referred to the size of his manhood.


Wayne Rooney was allegedly trying to boost the team’s morale following poor outcomes when he made the horrifying comments.


A reliable source told the Sun: ‘It was very funny and he hoped using personal references would make it look like the speech was from the heart.


‘But the majority of his side were left bemused and struggled to understand what his sex life and size of his manhood had anything to do with what happens on the pitch.


‘A few of the young lads were horrified. They don’t share the same British sense of humour.’ 


Rooney is a dad of four and has on numerous occasions been accused of cheating on his wife named Coleen on numerous occasions. He told his players that he came back from f***-ups” and they should do the same.


Wayne Rooney played for Manchester United from 2018 to 2019. In 52 matches, he scored a total of 25 goals. He became head coach on July 2022.


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