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The four Ukrainian regions that are casting their votes to join Russia include Luhansk, Kherson, Zaporizhzhia and Donetsk. The voting had been arranged earlier and it commenced of Friday, September 23, 2022.


Top Russian officials arranged a referendum and encouraged residents living in these areas to carefully vote. However, most of the resident moved to secure places and the regions remain with half the whole population.


The war has been on for seven months since Russian armored vehicles and troops moved into the country on February 24. Since then, Ukrainian forces have not given up and in recent weeks, they portrayed some success after liberating Kharkiv from Russian control.


Considering huge grounds Russian forces are losing to Ukraine in recent weeks, Putin’s advisers thought it wise to lure the four regions into a referendum to become integral parts of Russia. However, this has raised concerns in the West and its allies.

First days of Russia invasion in Ukraine
First days of Russia invasion in Ukraine

The West who has been supporting Ukraine with armor and money, claimed it this move becomes successful, war in Ukraine will escalate and in favor of Russia. United States President Joe Biden said that his government will not recognize the vote results.


Meanwhile, voting process is ongoing in the four regions. However, Russia is experiencing low voter turnout as they had expected. Most of the residents decided to stay indoors. Those who had a chance to move around the polling stations, they reported that they were empty.


Election officials were then forced to take the voting door to door. Here, residents have to vote because those supplying the voting material are accompanied by at least two gun men. Votes are expected to have no impact because most of the voters have turned down the process.


On the United Nations meeting held at New York, most of world leaders showed their support for Ukraine. Most of them agreed that more sanctions should be imposed on Russia to weaken their military.


Russia is already sanctioned and cut off from global market. But seems these sanctions are biting slower than expected and force for more. However, the sanctions have come with effects. They have increased the cost of living with skyrocketing of prices of basic needs.

Meanwhile, Putin mobilized 300,000 soldiers to help him with the war. Russia warned that this was just one percent of 25million people who fit the criteria.


This move was rejected by most of Russian citizens who demonstrated in Russian streets but they were arrested. Some want to move out of the country before Putin could drop a bomb on their heads.

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