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Russia President Vladimir Putin has accused United States for wanting to preserve their global dominance. According to Putin, the US wants to control everything.


However, Putin claimed that this will not go on forever. He is pushing for a multi-polar word, a move that he claimed the US are against.


He said: “the objective development toward a multi-polar world faces resistance of those who try to preserve their hegemony in global affairs and control everything — Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa.”


Putin and China’s XI met in a face to face meeting where they discuss on how ties between the two countries would be increased.

Putin and China's Xi
Putin and China’s Xi

“The hegemony has succeeded in doing so for quite a long time, but it can’t go on forever … regardless of the developments in Ukraine.” He added.


Putin said that the United States of America attempts to weaken them through sanctions but their plans have backfired and hurt poor countries.


According to Russia’s head of state, the invasion in Ukraine was triggered by the United States, who wanted to weaken their military.


War in Ukraine has lasted for months, leading to rising of cost of living. Ukraine is world’s largest producer of grains and since invasion, there has been shortage of food.


Most developing countries are facing food insecurities. On the other hand, Russia is the world’s largest producer of oil but due to sanctions, it was blocked from selling it the global market. 


Meanwhile, Russian troops have managed to liberate Kharkiv, a city that was once taken over by Russian troops.

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Ukraine mass grave
Mass grave found in Kharkiv, liberated city.

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