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United States of America (USA) has joined South Korea in joint drills after their USS Ronald Reagan ‘aircraft carrier’ arrived in Busan, a port in South Korea. The joint drills are expected to show their strength to North Korea. There have been threats between the three countries.

USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier
USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier

In 2017, United States and South Korea held naval drills after North Korea tested their nuclear and missile capabilities. This year’s drill will be the greatest for five years.


Michael Donnelly, commander of the carrier strike group, said that the drills will keep them on toes and ready for any threat from North Korea and other enemies.


He said: “The commitment of the U.S. carrier strike group operating in and around the peninsula illustrates our commitment to stand together and our desire and focus ensuring that we are interoperable and integrated to face any challenge or threat whenever we are required.”


On the other hand, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said that his nuclear weapons and missiles are what he needs to encounter the US and its allies and that he will never abandon them for his safety.


Kim Jong Un also enacted a law that allows his country to use the nuclear weapons in full effect for sovereignty of the country and protection its borders.


On the other hand, United States assured full protection of South Korea by using its full-scale military arsenal. US’s military is the world’s most powerful and when they claimed full scale, this could mean much worse.

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Ballistic missile
Ballistic missile

But North Korea remains fearless and is set to conduct another nuclear test after that of 2017. They have launched over 30 ballistic missiles since enrolling in nuclear power. These missiles are capable of striking any region across the world with from the name Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs), they are


This type of missiles pushed them further away from the United Nations Security Council. They also captured the attention of United States, after finding out their homeland was not an exceptional.


United States agreed to use ‘nuclear umbrella’ to protect their allies in case of war. In this scenario, South Korea needs protection from the US. South Korea and United States officials met to discuss how the two countries will come up with better strategies of how to encounter threats from North Korea.

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