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Alfred Keter arrested and released for alleged forgery of Treasury Bills worth Ksh. 633 million.

Alfred Keter, the current member of parliament for Nandi hills was arrest alongside two others for alleged forgery of Treasury 90 days Treasury Bills dated 1990.

The bills in question were valued at Ksh. 633 million. The controversial legislator was arrested at the CBK buildings, he emerged from the buildings in handcuffs.

On reaching the ground floor, Alfred Keter wanted to speak to the journalists but he was restrained. Instead, Mr. Wallace Kintai (head of CBK Communication department) went a head and said the following:

These three individuals presented a set of forged Treasury Bills which were purportedly issued by Central Bank of Kenya years ago. The total amount is Ksh. 633 million.”

The Nandi Hills firebrand politician, Alfred Keter, and his two other accused the and directors of Desai Industries were arraigned in court today and released on Ksh. 2 million bond.

This story has raised a lot of debate in both the traditional and social media platforms in Kenya.

On Twitter, economist Kwame Owino (CEO of Institute of Economic Affairs Kenya) pointed out through his twitter account that this raises integrity issues and even called for audit of national debt register to establish the extent to which that register has been compromised if the allegations are true.

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If these three individuals are found guilty as charged, then “tutachua hatuchui kitu” about public debt.

Public debts are the first ones to be paid every year when the national budget is formulated. Therefore, if some of the debt is created by illegal means it means we are minting millionaires and even billionaires without realizing it.

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