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The government of United States of America is greatly concerned that Russian President, Vladimir Putin may be using chemical weapons in Ukraine. This is after his soldiers started losing the war.


Politico reported that there are reliable sources that Russia is employing chemical weapons in the Ukraine war. This is a wake-up call for Ukraine allies to find new ways of combating chemical warfare. Ukraine has now to invest in detection systems for chemicals.


There is a likelihood that there will be a complete collapse of the Russian army in this war. The U.S. believes that Russia may turn to chemical warfare after failing terribly in field combat.


Moscow is likely to make use of chemicals which are hard to detect hence be unable to blame Russia for it.


The report adds that USA has always known that Russia is investing in chemical weapons capability. Recently, senators were briefed about Russia’s weapons stockpile. The concern now is that Russia is likely to start employing some unconventional war tactics after losing a lot of ground.


In preparation for such new tactics, USA has provided Ukraine with chemical, nuclear and biological protective equipment as part of the recent financial assistance.


The USA is expected to make more investment to early detection systems as well as manufacturing of wearable technology such as masks to counter any use of chemical weapons against them.


In 2018, Russia used Novichok – a nerve agent in the poisoning of the outspoken opponent of Putin, Alexei Navalny.


“We’ve always been aware that they have the means and capability to use these types of weapons,” revealed a Pentagon Official.


“Our assessment remains the same. We maintain close observation of this conflict, but we’ve not seen anything that would make us change our posture.”


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