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A man from Ukraine is lucky to be a live after he was captured by Russian soldiers, shot on the face, bound by the hands and feet and finally buried alive alongside his brother.


Mykola Kulichenko, from Vyshneve village, outside Kyiv in the Bucha Raion of Kyiv Oblast, was put in a grave alongside his older brother on March 18, by Russian soldiers who believed he was dead.



The victim was at home with his two brothers when the house was attacked. The Russian soldiers were angered by the fact that the victim’s brother Eugene had served in the Ukrainian army and they had displayed war medals which belonged to their grandfather.


The three were tortured and executed by the Russian soldiers. After being shot, Mykola’s brothers died on the spot. Their sister avoided the torture and burial because she was at the neighbours house when the sad incident happened.



“Slam! And the blood flowed through my body,” he said he was shot on the face after they were taken to an old sawmill to be executed.


The bullet entered through his cheek on the right-hand side of his face, exited through the soft tissue under his right ear.


He  narrated how he escaped the grave where he and his dead brother Dima had been thrown into.


He said: “I pushed Dima out by myself. I got out and Dima fell in my place.”


He survived miraculously. After escape, he walked to the nearest village and was assisted by an elderly resident named Valentine who invited him to his house where he washed and had breakfast. In addition to that he was given more food to take with him.


“I saw that he was beaten, bruised and all covered in earth. I invited him to the house where he washed and had breakfast, and I gave him some food to take with him,” said Valentine.


After he left the Good Samaritan’s house, he trekked for forty kilometers to his own village where he finally was treated by a doctor.


Mykola had two broken ribs but the bullet to the face didn’t affect any critical organs, he remains with the scars of the wounds that he had at the time of the time.


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Sharing is Caring:

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