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The Ukrainian Embassy in Madrid allegedly received “bloody” package containing animal feet and eyes.


Following the recent happenings, Ukraine has enhanced security of all embassies as well as consulates abroad. This is after the embassies and other offices received threads in form of vandalism and letter bombs in the recent past.


The embassies that have been affected in the past include those in Austria, Hungary, Netherlands, Italy, Poland and Croatia. Just a week ago a letter bomb detonated as it was being handled by an embassy employee in Madrid, Spain.


The embassy was evacuated immediately after the letter bomb detonated on Friday in Spain. However, the Spanish police bomb squad revealed that the said letter did not contain explosives.

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“The fact that its postmark is not from Spain, means that it is linked to the packages that have been intercepted in other embassies of Ukraine in different European countries,” Spanish Interior Ministry official said.


Recently, some letter bombs were also received at the official compound of Spain’s Prime Minister. Additional letter bombs were received by the United States Embassy in Madrid as well as other high profile places in Spain.


Russia invaded Ukraine on 28 February 2022 and some nine months later the invader has lost control half of all the territories that they initially captured. Russia s currently suffering from military and economic sanctions.


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