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Two brothers from a family in Narok North sub-county were reported to drown while herding goats.


According to police reports, one of the brothers tried to control a goat from the river and accidentally slipped into the liver.


The other made an effort to save him and drowned too in the process.


“It was reported that there was a body of an unknown African male juvenile floating on river Siyiapei. Immediately police officers from Enaibelbel police post rushed to the scene and discovered another body,


“It was further established that both deceased were looking after their goats along the river when one of them slipped off into the river and the other one tried to rescue him and as a result both drowned.”  Mr Shiundu, the Narok North sub-county said.


This becomes a second incident after a boy drowned in Ntiapiri river in the same county.


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Sharing is Caring:

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