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Turkana Governor Jeremiah Ekamais Lomorukai is set to face arrest after allegedly forging his Degree certificate in order to contest for Turkana Gubernatorial race. His plans went successful but the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) got smarter than him.


 It is a requirement by the Kenyan constitution that for one to contest for a governor seat, he or she should at least be in possession of a degree certificate from any established university or college in or outside the country.


Investigations of Turkana Governor’s papers were conducted by the EACC who found out that his degree and diploma certificates were not up to standards. Forging academic papers is a criminal offense and this called for prosecution.


In reports from the EACC, the degree and diploma certificates were forged in a way to show he was awarded the certificates by the Kenya Methodist University. This came too soon because Governor Jeremiah had not even earned his first salary.


On the other hand, EACC blame the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) for not exercising their duty properly during clearance of Jeremiah as a candidate. It’s the role of the electoral agency to determine credibility of requirements of candidates.


IEBC has the power to move to the investigate on whether the academic papers presented to them are of standards or not. However according the EACC, they turned a blind eye. Jeremiah was cleared to contest for gubernatorial seat despite lacking important ingredients.

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