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Tiger Woods, 46, has been declared a billionaire officially.


Forbes declared the golf legend as a billionaire. His net-worth has now hit the $1 billion mark according to the magazine. This is based on Woods’ lifetime earnings. This is a milestone which has only been achieved by two other athletes: LeBron James and Michael Jordan both of NBA. 


For a period of 27 years that Tiger Hoods has played golf, he has earned a total of $1.7 billion from endorsements, salary and other related income. 



According to Forbes, a large percentage of those earnings come from huge endorsement deals and not golf earnings. He has worked with more than a dozen brands over the years such as Monster Energy, Rolex, Gatorade, Nike and TaylorMade as some of his biggest backers since 1996.

Tiger Woods is also involved in other successful businesses such as TGR Design (golf design enterprise) and a live events production business known as TGR Live and The Woods Restaurant. 

Tiger Woods is also an investor in NEXUS Luxury Collection (clubs and resorts)  and Tavistock Group. 



Tiger Woods has had an impact on TV viewership considering that when he was not playing in a golf tournament, viewership would drop for as much as 30% to 50%. This was revealed by CBS president Neal Pilson. People in the media call this the “Tiger Effect”. 



At his best, Tiger Woods was the most prolific endorser of brands in history. He earned $100 million per year from endorsements. For 10 consecutive years, Tiger Woods earned the highest paid athlete title and this period ended in 2012. 



For the last 12 months, Tiger Woods was recuperating from a car accident but still he earned $68 million in off-course income. This income was still sufficient to make him the 14th-highest paid athlete in the world.



As a Billionaire, Tiger Woods, lives a luxurious lifestyle in Florida and lives in a $48 million mansion. 



The home features its own four-hole golf course, a tennis court, a 100 feet swimming pool and an outdoor basketball pitch. 


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