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Death toll has risen to 19 after Tanzania’s precision plane plunged into Lake Victoria in Tanzania, while trying to land at a nearby airport in Bukoba, Tanzania, after departing Dar es Salaam.


The plane had 43 people aboard, including 29 passengers, but 26 of them have been rescued. 


The Precision Air technical, owners of the plane, and the TAA (Tanzania Airports Authority), sent a rescue team to the scene, but promised to give a detailed information immediately after confirmation of the situation.


According to reports by the regional authorities, the plane crash-landed due to bad weather. Rescue boats could also be seen besides the submerging passenger plane. There are attempts to pull the plane out of the lake by us of cranes and help by locals.

Lake Victoria is shared by Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, and remains the largest lake in Africa.


On the other hand, the Precision Air is one of the largest airline in Tanzania and Kenya’s KQ (Kenya Airways) partly owns the airline.


Meanwhile in Kenya, KQ pilots continues with their strike for the second day after launching it on Saturday. They are demanding for their rights which are majorly financially related but the airline claims all those demands will be meet only if they resume duty.


Kenya Airways loses Ksh300 million a day since the strike commenced. The strike left thousands of passengers stranded before they were directed to look for alternative means.

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