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Lawyer Miguna Miguna who has been exiled in Canada will be arriving in the country mid-October after being awarded a passport by the new government.


He was sent to exile in 2018 after swearing in former Prime Minister Raila Odinga. Odinga considered himself as the people’s president after claiming he won the 2017 general election.


He was then charged for treason and stripped off the Kenyan citizenship. The then government also raised red alerts that barred him from making any entrance into the country.

Miguna Miguna
Miguna Miguna

On his social media account, Miguna Miguna posted announced that he will land on Nairobi on October 20.

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However, Dr Miguna Miguna will arrive in the country only if the Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi provides him with money the court directed.


Miguna Miguna claimed that before he was exported, he was beaten, tortured and drugged before deported out of Kenya.


The court then ordered Fred Matiangi and Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho to offer Miguna Miguna Ksh7 million for damages and violation of his rights.


Meanwhile, Dr Miguna Miguna is a was opponent of former President Uhuru Kenyatta and this is what led his way out of the country.


However, President William Ruto’s government lifted the red alerts that barred him from getting back into the country.

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