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Elon’s Tesla has been behind the scenes developing a robot that resembles human beings. However, the robot could not perform complex tasks and while walking into the stage, it was clear that the robot was lacking a brain.


The robot was displayed during Tesla’s artificial intelligence meeting. According to Tesla CEO, Elon Mask, the robot was much complex and could perform a range of activities compared to any other robot ever produced.


In a shot video clip, Tesla displayed how the robot helped some workers in a certain factory to carry out some simple tasks like watering plants and moving metal bars from one point to the other.

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Tesla robot at work
Tesla robot at work

The robot was supported into the stage by three men and asked why the support, Elon said the robot was too delicate and could easily fall on its face. This called for critics from various people who said Tesla should work on it because the robot is most likely going to fall a lot.


Others said the Tesla should hire some experts with PhDs to help them come up with a properly functioning robot.


The robot has five fingers to resemble those of humans, a move that Cynthia Yeung, a robot expert dismissed. He claimed that there could a reason why most robot engineers go for two or three fingered robots.


Tesla are on the move to produce the robots at large scale immediately they hit the standards. The robots could cost lesser than a car and the approximated it at $ 20,000.


Meanwhile, Tesla want to replace house workers with robots that are capable of making dinner, take care of an aging grandmother, wash utensil and other household chores.

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