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Taylor Swift has overtaken her colleagues Madonna and Beyonce to become the second richest self-made woman in music industry.


Taylor Swift has an estimated net worth of $740 million according to a list published by Forbes magazine published on June 1.


Madonna has a net worth of $580 million while Beyonce has a net worth of $540 million. 


The richest self-made woman is Diane Hendricks of ABC Supply. This is the largest wholesale distributor of roofing materials in the United States of America.


Rihanna is a billionaire due to her Fenty Beauty makeup company. She is ranked no. 1 on the richest Self-made women. Her net worth is estimated to be $1.4 billion. This is double the net worth of Taylor Swift.


Rihanna is ranked at No. 20 overall on the list of “America’s Self-Made Women”. 




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