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A Tanzanian football official, Haji Manara gifts his wife, Rubyana, a new car as a form of consolation after he married a second wife.


In April 2022, Haji Manara, a spokesperson of the Yanga Sports Club married his second wife.


Manara revealed that he purchased the car for Rubyana in order to wipe away her tears because the decision to marry a second wife was very painful to her.

Haji Manara

“It’s not normal for me to gift someone in public. We have a culture that we inherited from our great-grandfathers; when you marry a new wife, the culture of the Dar es Salaam people dictates that you should give the first wife something to wipe her tears away. The culture dictates that she is given something in front of her family and her friends. When you look at my first and second weddings they featured prominently online and that is why I thought to gift her here,” said Haji


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Haji Manara added that his second marriage was difficult for his first wife but she is a Muslim woman obligated to adhere to the Islamic teachings.


“I thought of buying my wife a car …it’s not very expensive but I gave her after seeing that she had desired it while on the road,” said Haji Manara


“I do this to ensure that my women are happy just like I am. Marrying another wife when you have a wife is very painful. We do not do this to hurt them but we do so for biological and physical reasons,”


Haji’s first wife revealed that she was excited about the gift of a brand-new car.

“As the first wife and leader, I am not only welcoming her but also the two others on the way. I am very happy my husband,” she said. 


On October 7, 2022, Haji Manara wrote on Instagram and shared photos of himself with his two wives. 

Haji Manara

“If you hear a debate stop me, this is it now. And now I have changed my number, hahaha why joy!!. When God blesses you with such good wives, what else do you need other than to continue thanking and worshiping him? I feel like a king between two queens, and by the power of God I pray that they die for me these creatures, so that I meet them in heaven Insha’Allah. Nb; Two are enough so what purpose are the others?” 


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