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Dog Meat delicacy

Dog meat trade in South Korea is shrinking 

26th December 2018

Dog meat trade in South Korea is shrinking  People in South Korea consume dog meat and animal rights groups are not impressed about this culinary practice. For many years the international community has criticized South Korea’s culture of consuming dog meat and the inhumane treatment of animals. In November 2018, South Korea’s largest slaughter house […]

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Tsunami hits Indonesia

23rd December 2018

Tsunami hits Indonesia A Tsunami allegedly caused by a volcanic eruption has hit the Coastal towns of Sunda Strait in Indonesia. At least 168 people have been reported dead, 30 missing and 745 injured. CNN International reported that a rock band, seventeen, was swept away in the middle of their performance in Indonesia. The video […]

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Imelda Marcos

Imelda Marcos to be arrested

9th November 2018

Imelda Marcos to be arrested An arrest warrant for Imelda Marcos has been issued. The former first lady is reported to have refused to appear before court where she is being charged for corruption. Imelda is the widow of former Philippines dictator Ferdinand Marcos. Despite her absence from court, she was sentenced to a minimum […]

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SDA Church Meeting in Jarkata Indonesia.

Indonesia is home to the largest Muslim Population in the world

7th September 2018

Indonesia is home to the largest Muslim Population in the world Currently, Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world. That notwithstanding, the nation’s Christian population is also growing fast. In 1990, there were 26,000 Roman Catholics. This had grown to  6 million in 2003. The statistics are even more impressive for protestants who […]

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