Components of Public Finance

18th July 2019

Components of Public Finance There are various components of public finance. These are: a) Public revenue Under this component we discuss taxation and its effects on the economy. Secondly, there are non-tax sources of public revenues such as interest receipts, fees, grants and fines. b) Public Expenditure This is a tool for implementing welfare and […]

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10 causes of growth of Government expenditure in Kenya

17th July 2019

10 causes of growth of government expenditure in Kenya  The following are some of the causes of growth of government expenditure in Kenya:  1) Rapid population growth When population is growing rapidly, it leads to increased government expenditure. This is because all mouths have to be fed, all sick people have to be treated and […]

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How much is spent on education in selected countries

13th January 2017

EDUCATION EXPENDITURE  Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has published a report that shows the trend on how much is spent on education between countries. Generally, the spending on education has been on the increase in the most recent years. OECD approximates that it is now 12.9 percent of total expenditure. New Zealand spends 21.6 percent at […]

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