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Senegal has effectively become the first African soccer team to qualify for the 2022 World Cup’s round of 16 after a 2-1 defeat against Ecuador.


Netherlands defeated Qatar which meant that Senegal could qualify to the knockouts Group A 


 While Ecuador would only make it if there was a draw.


Ismaila Sarr scored the first goal for Senegal through a penalty kick. Moses Caicedo from Ecuador canceled that goal during the 67th minute. The game was played at the Khalifa Stadium. This was the second time that Ecuador were heading to the knockout stages for the second time in their history.

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Kalidou Koulibay, Team captain for Senegal, lead his team in the Group of 16 during the last three minutes by sending into the nets a winning goal victory over Ecuador.


During the last World Cup, Senegal had a draw with Russia and as a result missed the knockout stage. This was because the team members received more yellow cards than Japan which advanced forward.


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