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Former Manchester United footballer, Ryan Giggs’ ex-wife Stacey was terrified after a masked man stole her Range Rover Sport valued at £80,000 from her home.


Stacy, 43, witnessed thieves drive away with her car at around 1:30 am on August 26 in Manchester where she resides with her children. 



Her children Zach, Ryan Giggs and Liberty were inconsolable after the unfortunate event. Eye witnesses have said that Ryan Giggs delivered another car for his ex-wife. 



One of the sources said that: 


“It was so upsetting. Stacey’s kids are hysterical. They’ve been left terrified and inconsolable.


“And it’s unthinkable for this to happen after everything Stacey has been through with Max.


“She called the police straight away.


“They were there all night trying to work out how the robbers accessed the property and her car.


According to a source who understands the situation, the police used a tracker to find the car dumped somewhere. 


“Thankfully they found it but the whole incident is terrifying.


Recently Stacey and Max George ended their relationship. 


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