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On November 11 at 16:30 International Memorial received a notification from the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. It informs us that the Prosecutor General’s Office brought an action against International Memorial stating that our organization must be liquidated because it systematically broke the rules of Russia’s «foreign agent» law (in particular, the requirements to label all our materials). The sitting of the court is due to be held on November 25.

We have repeatedly emphasized that the Russian foreign agent legislation is unlawful and consciously designed to suppress civil society. We have insisted that this law must be repealed. Yet, as long as it is in force, we are obliged to fulfil its requirements.

We believe that there are no legal grounds for the liquidation of International Memorial.

The decision to abolish International Memorial is politically motivated. It aims to destroy the organization which deals with the political repressions of the past and fights for human rights today.

The International Memorial is the oldest and most prominent human rights organization in Russia. Their ‘crime’ is the violation of “foreign agents” legislation. 


International memorial provides a platform for open debate, commemorates victims of Soviet Repression and defends human rights. 


The ‘Foreign Agents’ law is aimed at silencing criticism and open debate in Russia. 

This offensive move against International Memorial is politically motivated and a retaliation against human rights defenders. 


In conclusion, Russian authorities should withdraw the lawsuit against the human rights giant (Memorial) with immediate effect and repeal the “foreign agents” law as well as end the repression on activists and independent groups. 


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Sharing is Caring:

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