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In a desperate move, Russian men are wedding women with children in order to avoid being conscripted for war in Ukraine. 


Deadbeat fathers who abandoned their children are making efforts to reconnect with their ex-lovers hoping to be spared from being drafted into war in Ukraine. 


Other men have signed up as carers of their elderly relatives whom they neglected previously. 


Russian men of fighting age are quickly exploiting all available loopholes to prevent the government from sending them to the front-line after Putin ordered mobilization of 300,000 men for the war. 


It’s expected that up to 1 million men will be drafted for war in Ukraine by 2023. Hundreds of thousands of Russian men are fleeing the country. Media has reported long queues of up to 30 hours at the country’s borders with Georgia, Kazakhstan and Finland. 


Thousands of people protested in Russia expressing their outrage at Putin’s conscription order. These protesters have been arrested in large numbers. 


Media reports have revealed that some of the activists have been handed their conscription papers at the various police stations and others have been transported to the frontline. 


According to SibReal Media, marriage register offices have long queues in Eastern Russia. Men are making efforts to get married to single mothers to avoid being sent to the frontline in Ukraine. 



One woman stated that: “Me and my men went first to Ulan-Ude, but the queue was far too long.”


“Everyone is getting married or applying to establish fatherhood, and children are getting registered to their fathers,” the woman added. 


“So instead of running away or protesting [about the war mobilization they are registering marriages…” a journalist observed. 


“Words fail me.”


In Ulan-Ude university students were being frog marched by the police from their lecture halls to a conscription center. 


One woman in Moscow revealed that her friend who is a single mother of five children received a marriage proposal from one desperate man who did not want to be drafted for war in Ukraine. 


“She laughed so hard when she told me about it, and said looks like she will be super popular in the near future,” she said.


“It seems men with three or more children will not be mobilised.”


It seems that women also have selfish reasons why they want to be married as well. Wives qualify for compensation if their husbands are killed in war. Unmarried partners do not qualify. 


For instance, Olga,22, was involved in a shortgun marriage to her long-term boyfriend on Thursday. 


“If something happens [to him], there would otherwise have been no way to prove I was his partner and the child was his,” Olga explained.


“Of course, I would have loved a big wedding, with our families celebrating, but I was so scared my husband would be taken [to the front] before we tied the knot that we decided to rush.


“They haven’t knocked at our door yet, only to our neighbors, but I fear it is only a matter of time.”


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