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This is the latest on Russia Ukraine war. Russia stroke the port of Odesa using a drone on Sunday night. This was the greatest in recent weeks and caused a massive fire that took hour of keeping off. Referendum is also ongoing in the country.


Election officials are moving house to house after waiting at the polling stations without any sign of a voter. The officials are accompanied with at least two gun-men who force residents to vote. The voting is expected to end of Tuesday.

Regions set to join Russia after votes
Regions set to join Russia after votes


Forced vote
Photo: A Russian soldier walks near a signage that points to one of the polling stations in Ukraine where the referendum is being held. 

On the other hand, Russia is struggling to mobilize the 300,000 soldiers. Putin announced that Russia has more that 25 million people possessing the same requirements and the 300,000 represented  1%. However, there have been protests in streets of Russia by citizens who oppose Putin’s agenda.


There are fears that Russia could shift to nuclear weapons now that their military is not doing well on the Ukrainian fields. Russia has lost large area in weeks that took them months to capture. This include Kharkiv which was liberated by Ukrainian forces after a counter-offensive.


In reports, residents in areas where voting exercise is carried out have departed and only less than half of the normal population remained to vote. Russia promised that after voting, the regions will be considered as integral parts of Russia that will then use its nuclear umbrella to defend them.


This means that even Ukraine itself cannot reclaim the regions because it will be like invading Russia, the motherland.


However, United States is on the watch and ready to respond immediately if anything happens. They have been providing Ukraine with weapons and finance, something that enabled Ukraine hold Russia this far.


Meanwhile, the mobilized soldiers are reporting at military bases. The mobilization was unpopular in Russia and over 2000 people have been detained. A man was also reported to shot a Russian commander at close range during the exercise.


The British Defense Ministry said that the mobilized soldiers are being offered low quality training. This means they are being pushed into something they are not prepared for. Analysts say it takes years for soldiers to acquire skills.


“The Russian military provides low-level, initial training to soldiers within their designated operational units, rather than in dedicated training establishments,” it said.


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