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Crimea bridge that was set ablaze by a truck bomb was the main route Russian forces were using to supply war machines into southern Ukraine. Three people have been reported dead as a result of the blast.

Crimea bridge collapsed after blast
Crimea bridge collapsed after blast

It’s not yet clear who caused the damages, but the Crimean Parliament is accusing Ukraine. Ukraine officials have been threatening to take down the bridge but after the act, everyone claimed innocent.


This comes a day after the Russian President Vladimir Putin turned 70. Performance of the Russian troops in the war-field has also not been recommendable.

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Crimea bridge on flames
Crimea bridge on flames

In reports from the Russia’s National Anti-Terrorism Committee, there were seven cars at close proximity with the truck bomb which also went up in flames leading to partial collapse of two sections of the bridge.


Analysts say that if the bridge won’t get rectified sooner, Russian’s Putin will be forced to exit the south of Ukraine within months.


In recent weeks, Putin has lost large control areas in Ukraine that took him months to claim. The Russian President announced annexation of four regions in Ukraine to forever belong to Russia.


The $3.9billion bridge is the largest in Europe and links Russia to Crimea, a region that Russia annexed from Ukraine in 2014.


Meanwhile, Vladimir Konstantinov, Chairperson of the State Council in Crimea claimed that Russia played a big role in building the bridge, something they never had from Ukraine in the 23 years under their leadership.


Vladimir the said that the bridge will be repaired soon. He said: “Now they have something to be proud of: over 23 years of their management, they didn’t manage to build anything worthy of attention in Crimea, but they’ve managed to damage the surface of the Russian bridge.”


He said that Ukraine wants to sabotage Russia’s moves to connect Crimea with the mainland.


Meanwhile, Ukraine officials claim that all illegal structures and everything that was stolen has started to fall. Maria Zakharova, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson said that Ukraine has started to reveal their criminal nature.


She said: “The reaction of the Kyiv regime to the destruction of civilian infrastructure shows its terrorist nature.”

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