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Brazilian soccer legend, Kaka has revealed that many Brazilians do not support their national soccer team saying the Ronaldo Nazario and Neymar do not have the love they should enjoy from their countrymen for what they have attained.


Kaka revealed this during his interview on BelN Sport in England. He said that Ronaldo added weight at the end of his football career and now he is just seen as a fat man walking down the street in his home country, Brazil.


Ronaldo is highly respected outside his home country. 

“It’s strange to say this, but many Brazilians do not support Brazil. It happens sometimes. If you see Ronaldo walking around here, you’ll say “wow”, he’s got something different here. In Brazil, he’s just a fat man walking down the street. 


“Right now, a lot of people in Brazil are talking about Neymar, but in a negative way. Maybe it’s because of politics, but Brazilians sometimes do not recognize our talents”


During the interview, Kaka was asked if Ronaldo is valued by Brazilians as he is valued by the rest of the world to which he said:


“Of course many Brazilians love Ronaldo, I love Ronaldo, but the way they respect him in Brazil and abroad is different, I see him more respected outside the country than there”.


Ronaldo and Kaka were part of the Brazil national team that won the 2002 World Cup in Japan and Korea. This was the last world cup won by Brazil.


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