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Rishi Sunak net worth 2022 of $830 million makes him richer than the royals. 

This is his wealth and that of his wife, Akshata Murty, the daughter of an Indian billionaire founder of technology company Infosys Limited


Sunak Family source of wealth is hedge funds and technology. Their wealth is twice bigger compared to that of King Charles III of Britain. 


The British tabloids have nicknamed him “Rishi Rich”. 


Rishi Sunak wears the damn expensive Henry Herbert suits (£3500) and Prada shoes (£450). The new Prime Minister of Britain is not just rich, he is super rich, he is a multi-millionaire. 


To put Rishi Sunak net worth 2022 in contrast, at the time of her death, Queen Elizabeth net worth was $420 million. 


Rishi Sunak’s wife owns Catamaran Ventures UK and owns stakes in more than half a dozen other companies. 



Rishi Sunak net worth 2022 is made up of properties spread around the world all valued at £15 million. 

The Rishi Sunak net worth 2022 is made up of numerous homes in London, Yorkshire, England, Santa Monica and Calif. He rivals the king in terms of having many official residences. 


The couple own a five-bedroom house in West London valued at £7 million. The family had been living in an apartment located along the 10 Downing Street designated for the Finance Minister until a few months ago. 


The Rishi Sunak family spends their weekends at a Georgian Manor house in Kirky Sigston valued at £1.5 million. 


The Rishi Sunak family owns a flat on Old Brompton Road where they host visiting family members. 

Political career

Rishi Sunak entered British parliament in 2015 as a member of parliament. In 2020 he came a chancellor of Exchequer (Finance Minister) at 39 years of age. 


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In 2022 he became one of the wealthiest Prime Ministers to occupy 10 Downing Street. 



Rishi Sunak held a U.S. Green card while serving as Finance Minister in the United Kingdom. 


Rishi Sunak Education 


Rishi Sunak attended a 600-year-old Winchester College where annual fees for boarders like he was is $52,000. 


Many Britons do not mind having a super rich Prime Minister so long as he focuses on the needs of the ordinary people. 


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