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  1. James Ratcliffe $15.3 billion 
James Ratcliffe
James Ratcliffe

James Ratcliffe, 70, is a former chemical engineer. He is the chairman and owner of Ineos Chemicals Group. The company operates refineries and petrochemical operations in Italy, Canada, Belgium, Scotland and Germany. 

In April 2010, James Ratcliffe moved the company headquarters from Hampshire to Switzerland and that action reduced amount of taxes paid by 100 million British Pounds per year. 

James Ratcliffe owns a real estate property on the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland. He also owns hotels, Lime Wood and Le Portetta in France. 

James Ratcliffe loves physical adventure and has been involved in touring the North and South poles and has been engaged in a three month-long motorbike trip in South Africa. 

Further, in 2013 he completed a marathon across the Sahara desert. James Ratcliff owns two super yachts. 

2. Michael Platt $15.2 billion

Michael Platt is the CEO and cofounder of BlueCrest Capital Management, which was founded in 2000. Previously he had worked for JP Morgan for a decade.

Michael Platt built his company BlueCrest into a leading hedge fund firms. At one point the company managed assets valued at $35 billion. 

3. Hinduja Brothers $14.8 billion 

Hinduja Brothers has a net worth of $14.8 billion. The Hindujan Group is controlled by four brothers. The group has operations in lubricants, trucks, cable television and banking. 

The family owns a valuable real estate in London. The Hindujan Group was started by their father Parmanand Deepchand Hinduja in 1914. He traded goods in India (then Pakistan). In 1919 he established his first international office in Iran. Later he moved to Iran and later to London. 

Now Hinduja Group has operations in 100+ countries worldwide. They have 125,000 employees working for them. 

The family owns a home located next to Buckingham Palace in London called Carlton House Terrace. It is a 25 bedroom house valued at $500 million. 


In Canada the Hinduja group owns manufacturing plants for industrial fluids, Chemical plants in Ohio, Chicago and Michigan. Further, the group owns a health management company and operates Hinduja Global Solutions (leading outsourcing company). The later operates 11 delivery centers in Canada and 14  centers in USA. 


Hinduja Group operates Gulf Oil International in South America. owns chemical plants in Brazil and Mexico. 


In Africa they operate Ashok Leyland with regional offices in Kenya. This is the 4th largest bus manufacturer in the world. The company has sold an excess 3600 buses and trucks in Ivory Coast. These trucks and buses are sold in other 11 African nations. 


Hinduja Group Operations in Europe 


Hinduja Group has operations in Switzerland where they own Hinduja Bank. They also own mindmaze a virtual reality start-up. 

In the UK they are the official partner of Manchester United and they operate Gulf petrol stations across the United Kingdom. They operate over 500 outlets. 

Hinduja Group own a 3.4 acre bus manufacturing plant in Leeds. They also manufacture electric buses under Optare. 


Hinduja Group acquired the War Office of Winston Churchill which the company will convert into a five star hotel. 

The company operates chemical manufacturing plants in Spain and Germany. 


Hinduja Group has presence in Australia. The group owns an industrial fluid manufacturing plant in Melbourne. 


Hong Kong 


Hinduja Group has operations in Hong Kong where they run a marine lubricants manufacturing company from where they supply oil to over 1000 sea ports. 



The Hinduja Group operates 11 outsourcing centers. 

They run chemical manufacturing firms in Thailand and two such plants in China. 


Hinduja Group had started a 27 acre bus and trucks manufacturing plant.



The group owns Induslbank which is one of the largest in India. They also own an IT firms with 40+ locations across India. Ashok Leyland is the second largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in India. 

Ashok Leyland is the largest supplier of logistics trucks to the Indian army. The group also owns one of the largest cable broadcasting television in India. 

The group owns 2,500 acres of land bank in India. The group has also established colleges, schools, charity hospitals. They also issue scholarships to Indian students to study at Cambridge. 


The Hinduja Group transformed from a small trading company to a global business empire. 

4. Christopher Hohn $7.9 billion 

Christopher Hohn runs an hedge fund. He established The Children’s Investment Fund (TCI) in 2003. He earned an MBA from Harvard Business School. He is the son of a Jamaican car mechanic. He is now a billionaire hedge fund manager. 


Christopher Hohn was paying himself 1.5 million British pounds per day in 2022 as an Hedge Fund Manager. Therefore, he took home $690 million in 2022. This is the largest amount of money ever paid to one person in Britain. 


Christopher and TCI are known as activist investors because they campaign for change in companies where they invest. He avoids meat and practices yoga. 

5. Ian & Richard Livingstone $7.9 billion 

Brothers Richard and Ian Livingstone own real estate properties across London which includes apartments, high-end shops and hotels. They own Panama Pacifico which is made up of 20,000 residential properties, commercial space, retail and industrial parks. 


In a few words these are real estate tycoons who have built a fortune over three decades of doing business. 


The two brothers and sons of a dentist own London & Regional Properties company 


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