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Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, was allegedly left in tears after he was stripped of his military titles.


He can no longer be known as His Royal Highness ‘in official capacity’ and he is expected to write to his former regiments to communicate his remorse at having to leave as reported by the Sunday Mirror.



Andrew was stripped his remaining honorary military roles as well as patronages following his lost bid to stop the sex case against him which he wanted to be thrown out.


Andrew was ‘utterly devastated’ by the decision made by Queen Elizabeth. He has however accepted that it was the right thing to do.


The Prince had expected it to happen but he was tearful when the decision was communicated to him. He regrets for having let many people down for his past actions.


Prince Andrew spent 21 years in the navy and moving forward he will not hold the position of Colonel of the Grenadier Guards. This is one of the most senior infantry regiments in the British Army. The Prince has also been forced by circumstances to drop his HRH style as he starts life as a private citizen.


Reliable sources told The Times that the Prince “He is quite sanguine about it. He was mindful of the intense pressures building on the institution and recognized it was the right thing to do.”


The day after the stripping of titles announcement was made Andrew hosted a shooting party at his Royal Lodge Home in Windsor.   


The Royal Family found that the position of the Duke of York became untenable after Ghislaine Maxwell, 60, his former friend was found guilty of trafficking offences during her trial in New York.


The titles which were formerly held by Andrew will now be distributed among the remaining members of the royal family. However, the process has been made more difficult by the decision made by Prince Harry in 2020 to step away from the royal life which means that he relinquished all his positions.



 ‘Andrew is a victim of very poor decision-making. There is no way he could continue as the honorary head of distinguished military regiments,’ a defense source told the Mirror.


 As a result, “He could not be present at parades, visit units or welcome troops home from operations because the story would always be about sex scandals and not about the regiments.”


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