Prince Andrew of Britain may soon become a witness in a High Court case between a private investigation firm and business.



The Mail Online reported that the case is between S-RM Intelligence and billionaire Arvind Tiku. The billionaire is suing S-RM for damages to autonomy, personal dignity and integrity over a report the company wrote about him. He is demanding to be paid £50,000 in damages.




Prince Andrew is not a party to the litigation, but he is linked his former Sunninghill Park Mansion home. The Buckingham Palace has denied that Andrew benefited from the sale. In 2007, Andrew sold the property to a Kazakh tycoon called Timur Kulibayev for £15 million.




The said report alleges that there were suspicions that the estate was purchased to launder money which had come from the sale of Kazakh assets. Mr. Kulibayev and Andrew have maintained that this straightforward commercial transaction.



The report names Mr. Tiku as a ‘trusted representative’ of Mr. Kulibayev. He has accused the authors of S-RM Intelligence of breaching data protection rights. Mr. Kulibayev has denied accusations that he paid over the asking price Sunninghill Park.




Mr. Tiku’s legal team has insisted that all of the allegations had been investigated and nothing illegal had been found. The legal team has insisted that their client did not embezzle any funds and never laundered cash by purchasing Sunninghill Park. He has also denied that he was ever a ‘trusted representative’ of Mr. Kulibayev and has never held assets for him.




The billionaire has accused S-RM Intelligence of wrongfully processing his personal data and his writ is seeking £50,000 for damages to his integrity, personal dignity and autonomy. The Queen had gifted the Sunninghill Park to his second son during his wedding.



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