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Urban Renewal Programme in Mombasa County

I’ve taken many hours thinking about Urban Renewal Programme in Mombasa County. Here is a few of my findings:

a) Mombasa has many many old and dilapidated estates such as Tudor, Khadija, Miritini, Greenfields, Changamwe, Likoni, Nyerere, Mzizima, Buxton, Tom Mboya, Kaa Chonjo and Kizingo estates.

b) Population of Mombasa was 939,370 according to Census 2009 and its fast growing, now it is beyond the 1 million mark.

c) Social movements should play a role in promoting public participation on important policy formulation processes including development of Finance Bill. This is the policy that determines how much you will pay as rent to County 001 (Mombasa).

d) County Planning, land and housing was the second highest source of revenue for Mombasa County after Trade, energy and industrial development (County Fiscal Strategy Paper, 2015).

e) Redevelopment of Mombasa County Old Estates will be undertaken through Joint Venture Partnerships (JVPs). This is extra-budgetary meaning that you cannot find the figures in the budget estimates. You people of Mombasa need to demand to access to contracts between Mombasa County and each of the corporations which will be redeveloping your estates.

f) Article 35 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and Access to Information Act, 2016 is your last home as you demand for social justice. Be on the know.

We will keep updating you on Urban Renewal in Mombasa County in the next articles. Thank you for your support.

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