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Roman Catholic church leader Pope Francis has begged Russia President Vladimir Putin to end war in Ukraine. The Russia-Ukraine war has lasted for seven months but could get worse after Putin threatened turn on nuclear weapons.


Pope Francis warned that if the war turns nuclear, the entire world will suffer the consequences. He addressed this at St peter’s Square during a church service on Sunday.


Putin earlier annexed four regions in Ukraine which he claimed they will forever be part of Russia. He also said residents in the four regions could feel free to join Russia, there motherland.


Pope Francis identified the suffering Ukrainians who has gone through hardships to defend sovereignty of their country.


He said: “I’m haunted by rivers of blood and tears that have been spilled in these months,” 


 “In the name of God end the conflict it is absurd that the world was risking a nuclear conflict.

“My appeal goes above all to the president of the Russian Federation, begging him to stop this spiral of violence and death, even out of love for his own people.

“On the other side, pained by the enormous suffering of the Ukrainian population following the aggression it suffered, I address an equally hopeful appeal to the president of Ukraine to be open to a serious peace proposal.”


The war has caused massive death and could be worse if Putin’s threats get executed. Mass graves were found in a liberated city in Ukraine.


Meanwhile, United States are in solidarity with Ukraine and ready to provide any support. The US has been closest friends to Ukraine by providing weapons and funds to delay Russian forces from escalation the war.


In a speech released today by US military commander, Russian forces might suffer if Putin goes on with the move to introduce nuclear weapons. US army will act immediately.

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