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The Pakistan government has launched probe on the killing of their journalist Arshad Sharif. Arshad was hiding in Kenya after allegedly criticizing Pakistan state institutions.


Pakistan has then deployed three intelligence officials to investigate on how the journalist was murdered and reveal his brother’s whereabouts.


The three official include the Pakistan Federal Investigation Agency Director Athar Waheed, Lt. Colonel Saad Ahmed and the Director-General of the Intelligence Bureau Omar Shahid Hamid.


In a statement from Pakistan’s Interior ministry, the officials will retrieve the unknown.


“In pursuance of Prime Minister’s office, the following team is constituted to ascertain the facts related to the murder of senior journalist Arshad Sharif.”


“The ministry of Foreign Affairs and Pakistan’s High Commission in Nairobi shall facilitate the aforementioned visit,” The statement read.


Meanwhile, Kenya police are contradicting themselves with recent allegations that an occupant in Sharif’s car shot at them. Earlier, they had said that the two Pakistan nationals defied orders to stop in a check point.


In reports, number plate initials of the car Arshad Sharif drived resembled the one involved in a child abduction case.  


The 49-year-old journalist was the driver of a Toyota Landcruiser V8 before the horror attack. Sharif died instantly with a bullet straight into his head. His occupant received multiple injuries after their car turned over.


The incident happened on Sunday, the 23rd of October in Kamukuru, less than 100 kilometer from Nairobi.  

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